Today we sat down with Claire, our Finance Director at Alevere, to give you an insight into the people behind our life-changing brand.

What do you enjoy most about working for Alevere?

I love that everyone at Alevere is a team, all working together to help change lives.

What surprises you about the clients?

I love the variety of reasons why people come to Alevere. For some it’s to undertake IVF or surgery to regain their mobility. For some it’s just to feel good and do something positive for themselves. I love seeing pictures of them in their new clothes once they’ve reached their goal.

Why do you work for Alevere?

Alevere has always been very accommodating to me as a single mum, and always allows me to balance work and children. I work with the best team and truly believe in what we do.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Since the COVID 19 pandemic it has been very challenging dealing with disruption in the food supply chain.

How would you describe Alevere in three words?

Life Changing, Inspiring

What can clients expect when they have their first appointment?

A warm welcome, where they will meet a team who are dedicated to supporting them on their weight loss journey.

Why is Alevere different?

Alevere is medically supervised and so it allows our patients to lose weight rapidly but safely.