What is Alevere?

Alevere is a highly effective weight loss treatment delivering unbeatable safe and rapid results, under the professional medical supervision of dedicated doctors, without the need for surgery or drugs.

Our doctors provide a highly specialised nutritional treatment, combined with the latest non-surgical therapies, to restore body shape and skin elasticity.

Alevere will give you weight loss results you never thought possible.

Alevere has been created to help patients get out of the exhausting pattern of yo-yo dieting and lose weight safely and quickly.  By following the Alevere nutrition plan, combined with weekly ultrasound and skin tightening treatments you will lose weight from your stored fat mass and preserve your muscle mass.

All it takes is Three Simple Steps


  • Medical Suitability Questionnaire

    Your weight loss journey begins with a simple medical questionnaire which gives the medical team a starting point to analyse your current situation. It also provides us with the facts that we need to ask you the right questions pertinent to your current health and weight. The information that you provide is confidential and is important for us to ensure we provide the best medical advice during your consultation with one of our team of doctors. ​

  • Pre-Therapy Assessment

    To start your Alevere journey and begin your transformation you will have a ‘Pre-therapy Assessment’ with one of the team, this lasts around 30-40 minutes. We will accurately measure your height, weight and blood pressure. We will then carry out a computerised ‘Body Composition Analysis’ using the very latest equipment. A blood sample will be obtained; this is to allow a detailed analysis of your haematology, biochemistry (including cholesterol levels) and endocrinology (including thyroid function). You will have full access to all these results for your reference if you require.

  • Medical Consultation​

    Following your ‘Pre-therapy Assessment’ you will have a consultation with one of our doctors, this lasts around 30-45 minutes. At this consultation the doctor will assess the information obtained at your ‘Pre-therapy Assessment’ and review your medical history along with the results of your blood tests. The doctor will discuss with you your weight loss goal, a target will be set and your treatment plan will be prescribed.

Medical Assessment


You will attend one of our clinics once each week for about one hour. During which time you will have two treatments. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and get the advice you need to help you succeed. You will be medically supervised by our doctors throughout the programme with regular medical reviews and blood tests to ensure your weight loss is healthy, safe and efficient.

Weekly Treatment
  • Weekly Treatment​

    Nutritional Treatment
    The Alevere nutrition plan includes salad, vegetables and fruit supplemented by specially formulated Alevere nutrition. Meal choices include omelettes, pizza, pasta, soups, chilli, chicken goujons, pancakes, drinks, bars and various dessert dishes.

    Ultrasound Treatment
    We utilise the latest non-surgical ultrasound technology to break down areas of fat that are resistant to diet. This will optimise your body shape.

    Skin Tightening Treatment
    Alevere skin tightening treatment uses the latest equipment to increase collagen and elastin production which tightens the skin as you lose weight.

  • Stabilisation

    During Stabalisation we gradually reintroduce a wider variety of food. You will continue to receive the highest level of care, a weekly skin tightening treatment and your prescribed Alevere nutrition.

    The stabilisation stage is critical to your long-term success and generally lasts around four weeks.

See how our non-surgical ultrasound treatments work to optimise your body shape and tighten the skin as you lose weight


  • Post-Therapy Assessment

    Following your successful completion of the stabilisation stage you will have a consultation with one of the team to review your journey and discuss your success. Your final weight will be measured and a detailed body composition test carried out. You will be guided and supported in the creation of a sustainably nutrition plan which will give you the best chance of maintaining your new healthy weight.

  • Alevere Balance

    Alevere Balance provides for regular reviews with the team on an ongoing basis for advice and support once you have achieved your weight loss target.

    The team will support you with advice and guidance to help you maintain your weight.

Post-Therapy Assessment

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Ian Weight Loss

Lost 5st 4lbs
in 12 weeks

Best thing since a slice of cake.! After seeing a picture of myself at Christmas 2015, l decided to do something so l took the plunge and phoned Alevere.  Hard bit done, the diet is simple, follow it as advised, and watch the pounds fall off, and they literally did.  The hardest thing is walking through the doors, but remember everyone there is in your shoes. I feel 21 again.

Ian Kitchingman