Meet the Team – Get to know our Managing Director

Natalie is the Managing Director of Alevere and has worked in the company since 2011. Rather than the usual blurb, we wanted to find out some interesting facts about Nat, as our human approach, looking after real people is paramount to how Alevere works. 

Natalie is from the North East of England and her favourite thing to do is being with her family. Natalie is a natural people person, with a warm empathetic character so for this to be a favourite thing is of no surprise.

Having been married for 16 years, they have a 12-year-old daughter who is a keen figure skater, so you will regularly find Nat up at the crack of dawn heading down to training! A sad loss of the family’s much-loved dog, who passed away at ten years old meant that there was a new addition to the family in early 2021, a crazy Beagle, who enjoys the family walks on the beaches. On her bucket list is to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. She is hoping that one day she gets to do this with her family so they can enjoy the moment together. Natalie’s motivation is simply to help others and this fits hand in hand with her family-orientated lifestyle and her role as MD of Alevere.

We managed to drill Nat on some Q&A’s to hear her thoughts on Alevere, the UK’s leading medically supported weight loss programme:

What do you enjoy most about working for Alevere?

Seeing how we change the lives of so many people is the most rewarding aspect of working for Alevere. Reading their success stories and how they love to show off their new wardrobe and figure. I must mention the team as without them Alevere wouldn’t exist. We have such a highly skilled, compassionate and empowered team that the service is simply heartwarming.

What surprises you about the clients?

Simply, their stories, why they want to lose weight. The feedback we receive from when they decide to start the programme to the results at the end is inspiring. It is not simply the actual weight but the mental effects that the programme has that make me feel so proud to have helped so many people change their lives.

Why do you work for Alevere?

I work for Alevere because I want to personally feel rewarded for my job, Alevere does that for me. I don’t want to get up to do a day job and feel I haven’t made a difference. Having always worked in the healthcare industry, with my skills and motivations it fits perfectly. I truly like to be a part of making a difference in someone’s life. 

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Keeping patients motivated to the end of the program and continuing with aftercare. Many patients will only get to stage 3 and they then dont stabilise, by not stabilising they then run the risk of regaining the weight, which occurs in more than 80% of patients.

The last 4 weeks on the program (stabilisation) is the most important time following onto our aftercare Alevere Balance. 

How would you describe Alevere in three words?

Oh, that’s a tough one, as three words are quite difficult to define – Here goes: Life-Changing Program.

What can clients expect when they have their first appointment?

Our patients should experience a warm welcome to the clinic at every visit to one of our clinics. They will be greeted by a member of the team and led to the assigned treatment room. They will be treated with kindness and respect with no judgement throughout their time with the clinic. We will answer questions and help them plan and give as much information as we can to help them succeed and support the patient throughout their journey. 

Why is Alevere different?

Every member of our team genuinely cares for each of our patients. 

Have you downloaded our weight loss guide?

Ian Weight Loss

Lost 5st 4lbs
in 12 weeks

Best thing since a slice of cake.! After seeing a picture of myself at Christmas 2015, l decided to do something so l took the plunge and phoned Alevere.  Hard bit done, the diet is simple, follow it as advised, and watch the pounds fall off, and they literally did.  The hardest thing is walking through the doors, but remember everyone there is in your shoes. I feel 21 again.

Ian Kitchingman