Managing emotional eating 

Sadness and anger are two of the most common reasons you may be overeating, but neither will be suppressed by food. 

We recommend keeping a journey to highlight valuable trends and insights into what may be causing these binge occasions. As the saying goes, what is measured can be managed, and seeing the data in front of you in black and white will help you cook up effective strategies to handle those underlying emotions.

We are all emotional beings, and no matter how educated you are about healthy eating, if you can’t recognise and control when your emotions are influencing your eating decisions, you’ll never be successful at losing and keeping off the weight.

The difficult juggle of managing emotions and keeping weight off can be helped with our weight maintenance plan, Alevere Balance. Some successful strategies including a balanced whole food diet, education on how much and how often to eat, and mind-body strategies like: – 


 Record-keeping of successes and setbacks

 Address negative emotions that trigger unhealthy behaviours

 Finding solutions to setbacks and obstacles after or before they arrive

 Motivational approaches to stay on track with goals

 A supportive partner help keep focused

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Ian Weight Loss

Lost 5st 4lbs
in 12 weeks

Best thing since a slice of cake.! After seeing a picture of myself at Christmas 2015, l decided to do something so l took the plunge and phoned Alevere.  Hard bit done, the diet is simple, follow it as advised, and watch the pounds fall off, and they literally did.  The hardest thing is walking through the doors, but remember everyone there is in your shoes. I feel 21 again.

Ian Kitchingman