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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programme

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Doctor Supervised

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programme

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The Alevere Therapy Programme is…


Entirely non-surgical and does not involve the taking of drugs or medicines to promote weight loss, yet it is highly and remarkably effective.

Based on experience

Alevere Therapy has been designed based on our extensive experience of the medical treatment of overweight patients and we have invested in the latest technology, so you can have confidence that our programme will work well for you.

Doctor Supervised

Your Alevere journey will begin with an in-depth consultation with one of our doctors. They closely monitor and support you throughout your weight loss, and beyond, to keep your weight stable long-term.

We ensure Alevere is right for you!

Blood Tests

It is very important that we know the exact state of your health before you begin the programme so we closely monitor it throughout. Blood tests are needed, both prior to and during treatment and you will need to fast before your first blood test, but not usually before the others. This means no food or drink, except water, for at least 6 hours prior to the test.

In the event of a significant health issues showing on the blood tests result, you may be referred to your GP and the start of your treatment may be delayed, although this is uncommon.

Your monitoring blood tests will be done at intervals determined necessary by the doctor, usually between every 2 to 6 weeks. If these tests show any specific issues the doctor may adjust the supplements that you will be taking and/or your diet.

Metabolic Test

A metabolic test is carried out at the beginning of the programme using specialist equipment. This accurately measures how much energy you are burning with your basal (resting) metabolism as well as the fat, lean tissue (muscle) and water composition of your body.

This is different for every individual and is very important information so that the doctor can accurately determine the correct energy requirement for your food, both during and at the end of your weight loss. The test is repeated at the end of your weight loss and that information is used by the doctor to accurately determine your future nutritional needs to keep your weight stable , long term.