Causes of Overeating

Causes of Overeating

Why is it that human beings are the only creatures on the earth who suffer with the never-ending cycle of over eating and dieting? 

Because we are the only creatures which eat emotionally! 

While it’s a fact that over 40-percent of UK citizens are now classified as overweight, less than 0.01-percent of other creatures eat as much as they want, when they want, and never suffer the effect of being overweight. 

For other creatures, eating is an instinctual act toward the end of survival. Once satiated, other creatures stop eating and go on with their lives. Food provides no other benefit than satisfying hunger and providing nutrition and energy. 

Most human beings have the unfortunate tendency to eat based on emotion instead of need. We as a species have learned to use food as a means to change our feelings. 

Most of my clients’ weight problems can be traced to the fact that they eat when they are lonely, bored, or upset because of an emotional experience; never are their weight problems associated with actual physical hunger! 
We are conditioned from birth to bury our feelings in food, but when we consume food because of emotional hunger, our bodies never feel satisfied; ultimately, we only feel worse, which further perpetuates the cycle of overeating and dieting. 


To cure the disease, we absolutely must treat the root cause. 

The change of paradigms and of Mindset with NLP can permanently change your relationship with food. This change will enable you to effortlessly lose weight, maintain control, and reach your weight loss goals and become the size and shape you wish for. 

As a part of the process, you will also grow to feel more relaxed, mentally calm, and confident with yourself. Your self-esteem will enjoy a great boost as you learn to take control of your life and realize your ideal weight. 

The change of paradigms and of Mindset with NLP can change your relationship with food by retraining your unconscious mind, the part of the mind where all of her food-related beliefs are held, along with associations, habits, and patterns of behavior. 

The results are rapid and long lasting. 

Be sure to visit again for more tips and info. I would love to assist you on your goals to a happier, healthier, slimmer you. 

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Best thing since a slice of cake.! After seeing a picture of myself at Christmas 2015, l decided to do something so l took the plunge and phoned Alevere.  Hard bit done, the diet is simple, follow it as advised, and watch the pounds fall off, and they literally did.  The hardest thing is walking through the doors, but remember everyone there is in your shoes. I feel 21 again.

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