10,000 Steps???

10,000 Steps???

10 years ago, if you had asked someone “what is your daily goal for steps taken”, you probably would have gotten a blank stare. But with the explosion in popularity of fitness wearables, it has become almost common knowledge that you need 10,000 steps a day.  Some wearables have even gone as far as to […]

What’s better for fat loss: weight lifting or cardio work?

What's better for fat loss: weight lifting or cardio work?

Once upon a time, if you asked a fitness professional how to lose weight, they’d reply with four simple words: get on a treadmill. Cardiovascular work – long, slow, and (for some) boring – was the go-to option for anyone who needed to lose weight. Whether it was running, cycling, rowing or even walking, any […]

Rise of the Mamils

Rise of the Mamils

Last week on my drive to the clinic I was overtaken by a Mamil.  The species are an increasingly common sight on the roads of Cumbria.  Many were brought out of hibernation during the Tour of Britain cycle race. The Mamils’ to which I refer are of course Middle Aged Men In Lycra.  I would […]

Why you shouldn’t exercise to lose weight

Why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight

The Cumberland News ran an article recently in which John Myers, a patient who had lost over nine stone in six months at our clinic, mentioned that our treatment did not involve exercise.  The most common question I received following the article was, ‘how is it possible to lose all that weight without exercise?’  As […]

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