Feel like you’re doing all the right things but still not shifting the weight? Exercising, eating healthily, taking all the supplements and following every diet tip on the market…. Sound familiar?

Well, there might be some other factors impacting your weight loss journey (and no, it’s not your genetics)…. It could be YOU. 

Continue reading to discover whether YOU are sabotaging your own efforts without knowing it.

  1. You’re eating too much – just because the foods are healthy, doesn’t mean you can eat endless amounts without consequences. If calories in is higher than calories burnt, you’ll be adding to your waistline. 
  2. ‘Just a bite’ – all those little nibbles (when cooking, making the kids lunches, or walking past the fridge)… They’re all calories!
  3. You’re not drinking enough water – thirst and hunger can be confused with each other. 
  4. You’re not sleeping enough – when it comes to your health, sufficient sleep is a necessity. It can even increase cortisol levels, resulting in belly fat to accumulate. 

If you identify with any of the points in this article then you might need to re-think the way you’re looking at your weight loss. Often we don’t even realise we’re doing most of them!

Remember, each time you’re reaching for just a spoonful of something you fancy, or just a taste of a dessert, those small bites are adding to your daily calorie intake.

Being aware that you’re sabotaging your progress is the first step to making a difference, the next thing you need to do is change your habits…

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