About Us

Alevere Therapy is provided at a network of private clinics located throughout the UK.

Alevere Therapy has been used to treat patients for over 15 years and has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals.

Alevere Therapy provides a simple, life-changing approach to long term sustainable weight loss. The therapy combines ultrasound, a non-surgical skin tightening and body shaping treatment with a comprehensive nutritional programme.

All of these activities are carried out under close supervision by our team of medical doctors. Our experienced medical team has been carefully trained in Alevere Therapy so that you can lose weight fast and safe.

We firmly believe that Alevere Therapy is the best weight loss plan for many people to reach their goals. We aim to help our patients lose weight fast, under close medical supervision, while remaining healthy and developing the skills they need to maintain their new weight.

That’s why we offer an ongoing maintenance programme. We want you to do more than just lose weight now, we want you to continue on in a happier, healthier body. After all, successful patients are our best advertisement.

There are clinics across the UK so accessing Alevere Therapy has never been easier.

The journey to the new you starts with Alevere Therapy at one of our clinics.