Ariane's inspirational Alevere journey

"I’m smiling and chatting more to the people around me and it feels great!"

Image of Ariane's Alevere success story


4st 4lbs

22 weeks

Wow. 22 weeks ago I was looking at a long haul to shift over 4 stone. The losses have been consistent and now it’s all over. I’ve lost just over 4 stone and am happy with that. Now I want to continue running and doing other exercise to tone up rather than lose more weight.

I am a little apprehensive about doing this alone, without the plan and support every week, so I’ve decided to keep going to the clinic through August and be weighed and have treatments. Of course some weeks I’m on holiday, but knowing I have an appointment regularly will hopefully keep me focused as I learn more about balancing my diet myself. I feel fabulous though and this week was photographed for my after shots for the clinic. My hair and make up all done and two lovely dresses to wear. It was a very long day, but a lot of fun. I’ve seen the photos too and they are fab. Of course the photographs have made me realise the difference the weight loss has made to how I look. My before photo is quite shocking. I look shattered and am not even standing up straight.

This week I’ve also noticed people smiling at me more than they ever have before; at first I was baffled, why are all these people smiling and noticing me more? I think it could well be that I am smiling more, rather than hurrying back to my desk to hide away, I’m smiling and chatting more to the people around me and it feels great.

In total I’ve lost just over 4 stone, and have the following inch loss:

Waist was 48′′ - now 33′′
Hips was 48′′ - now 38′′
Thighs was 26′′ now 22′′
Arms was 14′′ now 11.5′′
Bust was 47.5′′ now 41′"

That’s a total of 38′′ lost. Wow! 15′′ gone from my waist, that is incredible!

Image of Ariane's new transformed figure

We have our first holiday next week, 3 days in Rome. It will be interesting to see how I get on, but I am pretty determined to carry on maintaining as well as I have done so far.

Good luck to everyone doing the plan, keep going, the end comes very quickly.

Thank you for following my journey and I hope it helps you to complete your own journey.

All case studies are genuine non re-touched photographs of our own patients treated in our own clinics (reproduced with their permission).