Having two young boys, both with Autism, meant that my wife and I have very de- manding lifestyles, which often resulted in us not thinking about feeding ourselves until after 9pm every night, we were eating more and more convenience food and takeaways. Something had to give as my weight had really started to creep up over the last few years. I’d tried various diets, but never saw the desired motivating fast results, therefore becoming dis-interested very quickly and ‘falling off the wagon.

Eventually, I decided it was time to address my weight as I was starting to become increasingly aware that if I did not do anything about it I was exposing myself to potential irreversible and serious health implications, plus I felt ridiculous.

The appeal of the Alevere program was the weekly targeted weight loss treatments in conjunction with the diet itself, I read some blogs and generally did some homework, knowing that just doing a conventional diet wouldn’t work for me as I wouldn’t be able to sustain a prolonged timescale. After serious consideration, I contacted Alevere in Leeds to discuss my options. All the team at Leeds were great, I had my initial assessment, we agreed on a target and my journey began.

My initial concerns were about being hungry, as I ate quite large portions and would often graze during the day whilst sat at my desk, I was really worried; I didn’t need to be! The program is really easy to follow, and with regular spacing for my meals, I found it surprisingly easy to ‘stay on the wagon’ and I didn’t feel hungry. The weight just seemed to fall off, it was amazing. I first started losing weight very quickly but my body shape didn’t seem to be keeping up, then it was like an overnight transformation, my clothes started to feel too big and people started to notice too, you don’t get any more motivational than that.

I’ve re-acquainted myself with healthy meals and sensible portion sizes now and am enjoying my new found lighter self. For me and my family the decision for me to go on the Alevere program.