This time, would be the last time! THIS time I knew I had to do something different. I have tried other slimming clubs and programmes, but I knew I had to find a programme that was more structured, and of course I wanted instant results! When I heard of Alevere I thought this could be the answer I was looking for. After speaking to the Alevere Consultant and receiving the information pack I knew I had to sign up to this programme knowing that I had to be committed to it 100% for at least 6 months, no cheating, no slips and had to change my lifestyle.

So in June, I started the programme. I tried a number of the Food Supplements, and what was great is if I didn’t like them, I could swap them the following week. I tried some of the suggested recipes and gained a lot of support from reading and engaging with the membership forum. I’m not going to say it was easy, but I was never hungry and stuck with it. I found the weekly treatments I had with the therapist helped with sculpting my body shape.

5 months later I am 5 stone lighter and feel fab-u-lous! The best part is, instead of dreading going shopping as I had to get a new outfit, now I love going shopping! as I know I can go into any shop and buy the outfit I really want to buy, instead of the only one I can wear.

Losing 5 stone has also given me the confidence to start running again and I have now completed the coach to 5k challenge. My aim is to run the Manchester 10k in 2017 in less than 1 hour and 15 mins.