Joati's life changing transformation

Completing Alevere has made my life long dream of being slim become a living reality. From day one I found sticking to the program really easy and effortless. The range and variety of food is extensive so you never get bored or hungry and they taste delicious, I particularly enjoyed the desserts and chocolate bars!

The care and compassion I have received from all the staff at the Wilmslow clinic has been remarkable, they really become part of your journey and through each phase guide and support you to the point where clinic day become my favourite day of the week. It was exciting seeing the pounds drop off weekly.

Alevere is a unique concept and what I liked most about the programme was the weekly treatment sessions with my therapist Beth combined with, that from the start my health was monitored by a doctor and reviewed monthly. However, perhaps the most important aspects of the programme to me was that it is individual and they concentrate on keeping the weight off for the rest of your life so even after you reach your target weight the support continues for a year after. For me this was fundamental as from the beginning I wanted to change my life for the long term & the Alevere program has enabled me to do that.

When you reach and achieve your target weight it is the most incredibly special moment of your life. Words can’t describe or do justice to just how you feel- complete happiness . It’s the things dreams are made of. To be able to fit into size 8/10 clothes and walk into any shop and buy any outfit is something I have never been able to do so currently I am having so much fun shopping, trying out new styles and creating new looks. You literally wake up every morning and feel amazing.

Alevere is by far is the best thing I have accomplished. My life and who I am are so different from a year ago. I have created the life I love. Truely, The best decision I ever made. I have set the foundations for the rest of my life that will continue to go from strength to strength. I have learnt nothing is impossible and with a positive mind set, standing out from crowd you can make any dream happen, it’s all down to you and the choices you make daily. The only person stopping you from being amazing is yourself. I am so excited for the future and I am so grateful and appreciate everything and everyone at not only at Alevere but also those special people in my personal life that have helped and supported me to become the person I am today. Thank you will never be enough. Alevere truly is the most unique program out there. If I can do it, anyone can do it. So start your journey today and make your dreams come true. I promise you, you won’t look back. Wohooo go.

"I have created the life I love"

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