I first heard about Alevere on the radio, at the same time that I was about to turn 50 and was very worried about my weight, as my Father had been diagnosed Diabetic at 52. I also worried that my unhealthy lifestyle would mean that I wouldn’t live to see my Grandsons grow up.

I thought the Alevere Plan sounded too good to be true, so went online to do some research. I read all the success stories, and checked out the cost. Quite expensive, yes, but could this work? Seriously, at first I doubted it. After about 6 months of consideration I took the plunge and telephoned the Alevere clinic in Blackburn. They were very friendly and informative and I made my first appointment with them. It turns out that this was the best decision I ever made!

The doctor was wonderful at that first appointment – not at all judgemental and very understanding and sympathetic, and all the staff were really welcoming. I signed up for a course of 16 weeks and had the plan explained to me in great detail. I went home armed with bags full of sachets, and fully expected to be hungry and miserable. Actually it was quite the opposite.

After spending some time familiarising myself with the meal plan, and some forward-planning for workdays I was hooked! Never hungry, with loads of energy and excited to go to the clinic and get weighed.

This carried on every week until I had lost 5st 4lb. I had gone from a size 22 to a size 10 in 21 weeks and lost 4.5” off the top of each leg, 2.5”off each arm, and a massive 13.5” off my waist! Absolutely amazing! I lost weight every single week and now feel great, have loads more energy and I am finding it very easy to maintain my weight, because without even thinking about it, I now make completely different food choices. The Alevere plan genuinely is as good as they say.

My advice to anyone considering it is, if you are ready to commit to it 100%, then don’t wait – do it now. It does take commitment and planning, but it is so worth it. Alevere, and the staff at the Clinic have helped me change my life for the better.