Christine & Manuel

Due to a very hectic lifestyle which involved extensive work travel and bringing up two children meant that over the years, the weight gradually crept up. It soon got to a point, where our health and future outlook to life could have been compromised.

Both Manuel and I researched alternative dietary programs, but felt that Alevere was the most suitable due to the comprehensive and structured dietary plan. From the moment, we visited the team at Brentwood, we felt most welcomed and completely comfortable in discussing our personal requirements with a very professional team.

We are a very close family and it was important for both Manuel and I to be well and healthy and be there for our children, essentially this was a wake-up call to change our lifestyle, which the team helped us to achieve.

I did not buy any new clothes because I had convinced myself that I could fit into my old ones, retail therapy became more of a chore rather than a fun activity. In Manuel’s case, finding a right balance to enjoy life whilst eating sensibly was quite important too.

We decided to embark on the Alevere journey together and I must say that we have enjoyed every bit of it, as this meant that we could support each other during the good and bad times. Most importantly, it brought us very close to each other as a couple and share a light-hearted laugh about our experiences.

We found Alevere Therapy very easy to follow due to its comprehensive structure and clear instructions. The range and variety of foods is extensive and we used our imagination to cook certain foods in different ways, we particularly enjoyed the vanilla dessert and chocolate bars.

Alevere really has educated us with the long-term goal of remaining slim and it has enriched our family life, in that we have found innovative ways of creating healthy meals that the whole family enjoy. Having the support of the children was important to both Manuel and I, but it was also essential that our weight loss journey would fit in with our family and working life.

We learnt to be organised and plan our meals accordingly, so for example, we could have a green vegetable stir fry with an Alevere Sachet whilst the children would enjoy a stir fry with added Quorn. The Alevere shakes worked very well whilst on our busy schedule of work travels, in fact people would be wondering what we were both drinking and could they buy these shakes from a shop!

We can genuinely say that our Alevere experience have given us confidence and we have lots of energy without feeling tired and achy, in fact since coming off the program in April, 2015, we have joined the gym and regularly enjoy this leisure activity.

As the weight fell off, our family and friends started noticing the difference and commented that we look amazing as a couple and when someone who hasn’t seen you for a while says “wow” it means a lot.

In addition, our friends have been inspired and motivated to change their lives too, which has meant making a positive change to the wider community, by being open about our challenges and it is perfectly ok to get professional help when required.

The Alevere Therapy programme was one of the best decisions that Manuel and I took, the results are clearly shown in our physical appearance but most importantly, it has brought not only close together as a couple, but as a family too.

If we both did it, so can you. Life is all about achieving your dreams, which you can with the right help and support, so why wait!