I wasn’t in a good way before Alevere Therapy. I had high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and angina. As well as all that I had no confidence in myself. I tried to look as good as I could but it was a struggle.

I had tried other diets and slimming groups but they didn’t work for me, they were too slow. I would lose weight at first and then lose motivation.

I saw Alevere in Yorkshire Life and about the same time my doctor said my blood sugar was out of control land I would have to go on insulin, so with that I made a decision.

The first week on Alevere was obviously a big change but after that I found it quite easy to do, I got into a routine of soups and salads.

My life is very different now. I don’t take any medication at all, my diabetes and high blood pressure problems have gone. My style of dress has changed – the other day I went into work in a short-skirt. I’m 60 but I thought if you have them, show them!