Suffering from a heart condition can be very stressful and upsetting. How will it affect your day to day life? Is there anything you can do? Lots of people, understandably, feel powerless. However, there are positive actions you can take to minimise any further problems.

Obesity and Heart Conditions

If you suffer from a heart condition, the logical starting point on the road to recovery centres on the body. Until recently, the effect of obesity on heart conditions was considered to be ‘indirect’. This is now not held as the case, according to the American Heart Association. Factors that worsen a heart condition increase in line with an increase in BMI (Body Mass Index). One condition, Atherosclerosis, is inextricably linked to it. This condition, where fatty substances form a deposit on arterial walls of the heart, is related to obesity, which also predicts the development of the condition. It is not just a direct link between obesity and a heart condition, though. Obesity can also dramatically increase the chance of diseases such as sleep apnea, diabetes, and hypertension which will put all the more strain on the heart.

Why Get Help with Obesity?

But, what are the causes of obesity? There is no doubt that there is a genetic disposition to it. But the condition is exacerbated by factors such as bad diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and excessive alcohol intake. Therefore, prevention of obesity and the treatment of obesity is grounded in lifestyle choices.
Why should you change your lifestyle? After all, it will be tough and require a lot of willpower. Well, even if you are not suffering from a heart condition, you will be minimizing your risk of developing one. You will also start to feel far better. The stairs will not be so daunting, you will have more energy, and the depression that often goes hand in hand with obesity will retreat. The net effect will be less strain on the heart, and less possibility of attendant illnesses, according to the British Medical Journal.

How to Lose Weight and Help Your Heart

No one thing will guarantee success, but the lynchpin to having a good meal plan, exercising, and reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol is to have a system set up and monitored by a medical professional. The supervision will benefit you in many ways. One of the most prominent is to track your development, which identifies problems early enough to turn them around, but, crucially, provides encouragement when you are doing well. It eliminates the temptation for fad diets and the realisation that ‘lose weight quick’ schemes are usually unsustainable. Medical monitoring can provide you with support groups to boost morale, and provide you with effective meal and exercise plans that suit you. This obviously couples with maintaining the plan structured for your circumstances. It is a tough undertaking. But with correct supervision, an effective plan, and will power it is possible to lose weight and help your heart.